I have been provided with an excel sheet that has a tonne of calculations on it (an economics model) and have been asked to place it online.

It would take days to debunk and code into a webpage, so was looking at other alternatives?

The economics model has inputs and outputs with calculation behind it, essentially a calculator, so are there any plugins/ options that allow me to embed the sheet onto a web page so it can be further edited (for the user inputs)



Have you considered using Google Sheets? It's easy enough to upload and provision access to it.

Working with Office Files in Google Docs

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There are also commercial services that allow you to publish/embed Excel spreadsheet models (even complex ones) to your website. I'm most familiar with AnalysisPlace.com, but I know there are others. They optionally enable additional capabilities, such as downloadable output reports, collection of data entered, usage monitoring, and collaboration. They also provide VBA-like control via JavaScript.

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