My usual method of copying a screen area in PuTTY is via the right-click button, but also has the effect of pasting as well, resulting in entering a sequence of meaningless commands or pasting the text in an editor.

Is there another of copying which doesn't entail pasting as well?

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    It turns out that by selecting the area with the mouse and just releasing the mouse button the area get's copied- discovered here - superuser.com/questions/85772/…, so much for my PuTTY skills as a long term user
    – vfclists
    Commented Apr 13, 2016 at 7:42

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It turns out to be much simply than I thought. When you highlight an area with the mouse, selected it and release the button, it is automatically copied on to the clipboard. I have been so hung up of copying and pasting via the right click button that I did not know of this simple option.

Answer from PuTTY how to select text and copy text using keyboard ONLY

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