I wonder if there is possible to access full command line call in shell script. In my script I need to pass it further. I find that there are $@ and $* accessors, but it do not pass all the characters, for example if I write in command line: $ my_script xyz -m "something here" and in my script I access command line arguments as follows:


echo $arguments

I will see output: xyz -m something here. It unfortunately removed quotes, is there possible to keep them? Then I want to pass these arguments to another script, I do not know how many of them will be, and at which position in line I will have quotes.


I actually solve my problem, before, in my first script I fire second script like I wrote above, but actually in my first script I should use:

second_script "$@"

To fire second script, now it works as expected. Relevant are quotes around $@.

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