I have 2 SyncMaster 2043bw Samsung monitors that are connected to my PC.

Last night I turn them off before I went to bed and this morning I tried to turn them on.

One of them turned on after 1 sec and the other just didn't respond (the On/Off light didn't even turn on).

After 2 minutes or so the On/Off light was blinking for another 5-6 min and just after that the monitor turned on.

What is the problem? I tried to disconnect the power cable and then connect it back, also the DVI cable. Nothing worked.

Does anyone have an idea how can I solve it?

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Solve it !

OK so that's the solution for the problem (in my case).

i opened my screen (with screwdriver) and found on the power board that 2 of the capacitors are blown away. (the top was swollen)

so i just go to electricity store and bought 2 new capacitors. (the same as the two i solder out !) I solder them to the board and now it's work like its should be.

I'm not sure that solution will help everyone but its worth a shot !

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    It should be noted that you have to buy capacitors that match the ratings on the originals. I had a similar problem and fix on an old HP screen.
    – Burgi
    Apr 19, 2016 at 14:58

I have the same experience with my SyncMaster 203B. I guess that it's happening because of its age (quite old) and problems might be in backlight. My screen is OK after 3-4 mins after start.

This website offers this solution:

backlight/backlight inverter is done for. had this problem with dozens of POS-monitors. edit; Try lighting the screen up with a flashlight. If the backlight is broken, you will see the picture on the screen.

My display is really old so I'm not in your position. I'll probably buy a new one ;]

  • Hi ! iv'e try to lighting the screen with a flashlight(from my phone) but noting happens its still black. i have this monitors for 5-6 years Apr 16, 2016 at 22:47

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