I have fabric player radio.. from the car itself , so it's supporting MP3, but sometimes , not sometimes almost always when i record a mp3 CD for my car, some tracks are not playable.. they skip to the next, i don't know why, but all the tracks are playable on my PC , but some of them are not playable in my car , the CD is MP3 recorded through NERO EXPRESS (JUKEBOX).... simple cd with 700MB... (slowest speed)

I don't know what is the problem but i've tried to insert and to enter the cd again, again the same track won't play... i don't know why, it's not just with one track it's with multiple .. for exampel if the CD have 75 tracks, 10 of them cannot be playied...

(all tracks 44.00 Khz..)

Any suggestions? I would like to know is the problem with my Car player maybe laser.. or the problem with the ripping to change other Burning Program?

But if you suggest to change a burning program for CDs, give me the bestest apps not matter ..i'll buy the app.. :D

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    Car radios that play mp3's have a strict set of rules for mp3 tags and file names, you need to read the owners manual for that specific radio. Most do not allow any special characters in the mp3 tag or name, this will cause it to skip any that do, this is just one rule. – Moab Apr 17 '16 at 14:11
  • Hmmm it could be possible... thats good for a one of the reasons... – AlArgos Apr 18 '16 at 0:56

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