I have to clone several repositories on the VM-s and then building software on them. I have pretty nice build script but there is one issue. Before build, several repos should be cloned, and after some security updates, I am not allowed to add my public key to git server and also only supported protocol is ssh.

The cloning command looks like follow:

git clone ssh://userA@git-ger-XXX.com:YYYY/repoB

but there are plenty of them and passing password after each of them is really annoying and time-consuming.

What I am trying to do is to pass automatically password to clone command. I was trying add userA:passwordA@git-ger.... but it works only for HTTPS, not ssh. I know that I have to switch to some automatic tools like ansible to make automatic deployment but it took me a lot of time to rewrite whole building process.

My question is how I can automatically pass a password to clone repo, without changing anything on the server. Ideally, would be to do this from bash level. I was trying reading lines after typing git clone but it also didn't work for me. Any help will be appreciated

  • you can try sshpass. It should work also for your use case. – Jakuje Apr 19 '16 at 18:14

IMO the best solution is using a custom GIT_ASKPASS helper and deliver the password as another environment variable. So for example, create a file git-askpass-helper.sh as:

exec echo "$GIT_PASSWORD"

and then run git clone https://username@hostname/repo with environment variables GIT_ASKPASS=/path/to/git-askpass-helper.sh and GIT_PASSWORD=nuclearlaunchcodes.

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