I have some monitors that I like to leave on for monitoring sakes. Others, I would like to sleep to not waste power.

Is there a way to do this within Windows? So far I've not found a way to do.


To my knowledge, Windows does not have the ability to set specific monitors to sleep.

The best alternatives I can give you are to:

  • Change your display settings to only show windows on the monitors you want (Which, if you are doing regularly, could become tedious and/or tiresome)
  • Turn off the monitors you don't want on by their power button. (This is also the most power efficient method)

AFAIK, there is no equivalent of the IPMI protocol for monitors.

But, there are intelligent remote power strips you can buy that can be controlled via USB/Ethernet [and even RS/232].

They allow a computer to turn the individual sockets on/off at will. They sometimes come with software. But, in any case, the protocol is usually very simple and can often be controlled via a telnet connection.

You'll just have to shop around to find one with the number of output sockets you need and one that matches your budget. They can be ~$100+, the more expensive models support more A/C sockets.

I've also seen some DIY models based on a Rasberry PI

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