When I'm using Python ipdb (and this only happens on one of my three macs), I type Ctrl-A to get to the beginning of the line (after running a few statements without issue). The cursor APPEARS to jump back to character 5, 6, or so (it's not consistent), and if I type, the text APPEARS to originate at the cursor, but actually, the text is being added to the beginning of the line. Visually it's entirely confusing. If I left-arrow back to the beginning of the line (which is slow and annoying), I don't notice the issue.

Here are some screenshots to help illustrate the problem:

enter image description here

As illustrated below, the "abc" appears to be going in where the cursor is, but actually it's going in before "print", hence the syntax error

enter image description here

Any ideas for what's wrong or how to troubleshoot?

Thanks much!

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Destroying and re-installing the virtualenv I was using appears to have solved this problem.

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