Say I have countries, values and status of the value and I want to sum the values when they relate to a particular country and are "Approved", what is the formula I would use?

Column A-C is the data and E-F is the total/summary. "FORMULA" is where I would like the formula to go.

DATA   A          B       C                   D          E
 1   Country    Value   Status              Country    Total Approved
 2   Germany    100     Approved            Germany    FORMULA
 3   France     150     Approved            Portugal   0
 4   UK         130     Not Approved        UK         100
 5   Portugal   200     Not Approved        France     150
 6   Germany    200     Approved
 7   Germany    300     Not Approved
 8   UK         100     Approved    
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You need to use SUMIFS() here:


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  • You are absolutely correct, but to improve the quality of your answer, could you add a brief explanation how it works and maybe add a reference? Giving references gives validity to your answer and encourages the OP to learn more. – CharlieRB Apr 22 '16 at 13:10

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