Running Opera on a Terminal Server became slow somewhere between Opera version 10 and 30 when graphical themes were introduced as the default theme.

On the other hand Opera 36 does contain a theme with minimal graphics (grey) that updates screens quite fast on a Microsoft Terminal Server.

However having to manually set the grey theme in each and every Terminal Server user is cumbersome.

How can I set the grey Opera theme by default for over Opera user?


I ended up renaming grey.zip to default_theme.zip in folder C:\Program Files\opera\36.0.2130.65\resources\standard_themes.

A few seconds later I found the file C:\Program Files\opera\36.0.2130.65\resources\default_localized_themes.json containing this snippet:

"default_localized_themes": {
    "default": "default_theme",

So I did undo the file rename operation and edited file default_localized_themes.json to change "default_theme" to "grey" there.

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