I'm wondering if there is built-in or plug-in functionality for this feature for either of these apps. I'd like to be looking at file open in SlickEdit or Notepad++, and then either from a menu or right click context menu, copy a file handle (not the name/path of the file or file contents) to the clipboard. So I could then go to Windows Explorer and to a directory and paste the files in there.

Sometimes I don't want to navigate in Explorer to where those files live, and I don't want to do SaveAs since it replaces your working copy with the copied version.

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In Notepad++, press F5 (Run command) and enter the following command (only once):

explorer /select,$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)

followed by pressing Enter.

Now you can press Ctrl+C for copy and Alt+F4 to close the Explorer window.

This sequence can be automated to single keyboard shortcut e.g. using AutoHotKey.

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