A malware smuggled its way into my chrome. It ads ad JS snippet into footer, before tag:

enter image description here

However, what's peculiar is that I found that it only injects itself into one website:


It doesn't seem that the code originates from the website itself, as the code is not there when I use Microsoft Edge, and I also checked it with an online source viewer tool:


And it came back without the snippet. How do I trace and remove this malware?

  • Does Iklan Telkom Indihome / Telkom Speedy these words ring any bell ? What extensions are you using ? If this is limited to chrome, its as simple as resetting it or just creating a new chrome profile
    – clhy
    Apr 27 '16 at 1:31
  • It seems to be related to Indonesia (where I currently am), but if it was ISP injected , it should show up everywhere? Modules haven't installed anything new in a while. Will resetting chrome profile remove all my settings, history, bookmarks, etc ?
    – srgb
    Apr 27 '16 at 1:49
  • settings, history, cookies and session will be deleted but bookmarks will be unaffected. Also you can always export your bookmarks. Try creating a new chrome profile for a while and see if this fixes it, if it does, start using it. move your bookmarks there else just undo/delete new profile
    – clhy
    Apr 27 '16 at 1:53
  • Are you with this ISP ? Iklan Telkom Indihome
    – clhy
    Apr 27 '16 at 2:03

The best option would be to reset Chrome. Goto settings > Search "Reset" > Reset.

This will reset the chrome environment

enter image description here


To remove ads malware from chrome you need to:

  • Use the Chrome cleanup tool which will remove the unwanted browser changes
  • Scan your computer with anti-malware software

To remove Chrome adware and browser hijackers, you can use HitmanPro

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