My laptop:


Cpu : Intel Core i7 6700

Gpu : Nvidia GTX960m dual with Intel HD graphics

It's working fine with Windows 10 but when I try to dual boot it with Ubuntu it freezes at ubuntu loading page.

I disabled fast startup in Windows 10.

I also tried with Kali linux, and I have the same freezing problem when I want to login to desktop!

What should I do ? How can I disable nvidia graphics ?

Update: Finally managed to install it by adding nomodeset after kernel boot flags in grub...

But in login page after I input my password and press enter , screen freezes and nothing happens.

  • I have the same problem (it freezes seconds after login) and the same CPU. – Dario Zamuner Apr 27 '16 at 13:02

fortunately, i solved it finally :)

the problem was with nouveau Graphics Drivers, so i disabled it in the booting process by adding code below to the end of linux kernel flags in grub :


For those whose Ubuntu 16.04 installation is still froze after adding nomodeset to the kernel boot flags in grub. Please try adding noapic and nolapic to the kernel boot flags as well. It worked for me on a fairly old Pentium Dual-Core 32-bit machine.

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