The same procedure works on my VIM 7.4 patch 1-1572 but not on my VIM 7.4 patch 1-1718, is there anything changed in between that affects this?


$ vim -u /dev/null some-file

Then in vim

:set nocompatible
:vmap <C-F6> "+y

Then type some text, press v to enter visual mode, select the text, then press Ctrl-F6. Then in normal mode, press "+gP. In earlier version, copy-paste are successful but in newer version nothing happens. Any thoughts? Is it my vmap incorrect, if yes, what would it be to achieve the same effect?

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    It works correctly for me. 7.4 is up to patchlevel 1795, so it's entirely possible this problem has been fixed in a more recent patch. If possible try updating and test again. – Heptite Apr 28 '16 at 3:26
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    Otherwise, it's best to send an email to vim_dev mailing list. – Luc Hermitte Apr 28 '16 at 11:03

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