Chrome occasionally becomes unresponsive after snapping it to the side. The contents fail to resize to the new window size, and Chrome does not respond to any mouse/keyboard input. The work-around is to switch to another application and back again. Is there a better solution?

Although I am still having this problem with Chrome v49, this issue was closed as fixed in v45: Issue 516234 UI stops updating when multiple Chrome windows are snapped to the left/right in Windows 10

  • Ive noticed the same behavior on one of my computers. – NetworkKingPin Apr 28 '16 at 6:31

Installing any theme seems to prevent this from happening. Try installing the 'classic' theme provided by Google to maintain Chrome's look and feel. It looks exactly the same, so I don't know what changed but Chrome stopped freezing for me.

Mentioned in a lot of places, like this Reddit discussion: Chrome Windows keeps freezing when I use Aero Snap

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