I recently purchased an USB thermometer. The USB device has a 3.5mm connector to receive the corresponding cable which has a 3.5mm jack on one end, and an actual temperature sensor on the other end.

The cable is too short for my specific needs, so I want to use an extension cable. An USB extension cable is not very practical in my case, so I wanted to use the 3.5mm extension cable instead.

To my surprise, the thermometer uses a TRRS jack I've never seen before. This is a comparison between (1) the jack used by the thermometer and (2) an ordinary 3.5mm (non-TRRS) jack:

enter image description here

The TRRS jack has an additional connector, but this one is also a few millimeters longer. When plugged to the USB device, there is no gap between the device and the black plastic part of the connector.

Comparisons between different plugs are very explicit: standard four-conductor and three-conductor plugs have the same size (also notice the narrow sleeve, compared to the first photo).

enter image description here

This means that I won't be able to use an extension cable such as this one.

What is the type of the plug used by the thermometer? Are there extension cables for that?

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