There are at present 2 devices connected to my home WiFi network, my laptop and my Raspberry Pi. The MAC address table on my router configuration page shows 2 clients connected but my DHCP client list show 4, ranging from My laptop is 101 and my RPi is 103.

Have I been hacked and can't see the MAC address of the attacker or is it something other than that? I have a Tenda router.

P.S- I am also experiencing speed issues at random times.

  • I don't know your router, but it is common for routers to remember previous DHCP clients, so that it can reissue the same IP address if the device reconnects. – AFH May 2 '16 at 15:22

Well this was possibly the worst question anyone could have asked... Actually my router was set to refresh the IP address pool for each device connected after 1 day (or 24 hours), and this explains this. The IPs I see are of devices which were disconnected from the router earlier but their IPs weren't refreshed.

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