iTerm has a shell integration script that enables some fancy features, as in having the ability to scroll up to last prompt (in case if there was a lot of stdout i.e. when compiling some code). However if the terminal is not iTerm, that shell script fails and pollutes the prompt.

I'm trying to clean it up as in only run the shell integration if the terminal is iTerm.

  • It should be treated as a bug, shouldn't it? – BrunoJCM Dec 29 '16 at 13:36
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Putting this in your ~/.config/fish/ should do the trick

if test $TERM_PROGRAM =
    test -e {$HOME}/ ; and source {$HOME}/
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    This does not work once you log to another host with ssh as the TERM_PROGRAM variables is not defined anymore. Any idea? – anumi Jul 21 '16 at 13:13

Putting this in your ~/.config/fish/ should do the trick and check for $TERM_PROGRAM having been set.

test -n "$TERM_PROGRAM"
and test $TERM_PROGRAM =
and test -e {$HOME}/
and source {$HOME}/

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