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Recording speaker output on MacBook with OS X Snow Leopard

Is there any way to make the output sound from one application the input sound to another?

Basically, I want to redirect the output sound from say or Firefox to Skype, so Skype uses this instead of line in or microphone, while still having the sound from Skype going to the speakers or line out.

(You guessed right by the way - this is for prank calling friends with the Zarvox voice and/or the Schwarzenegger Soundboard, but there might also be useful applications :)

I am looking for either a script solution or an open source program.

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This is a perfect use for soundflower. Sadly it is not open source or a script, but it is free. The open source alternative is jack, but neither skype or firefox will use jack directly, and jack is designed more for high performance low latency routing than for ease of desktop usage.

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