There is a TV show I like; I have its episodes stored as video files on my SSD. Each video file is about 24 minutes long, but only 20 minutes of that is the actual episode; the rest is intro, outro, recap, etc.

I would like to binge-watch about 7-8 episodes in a row, but I'm tired of having to manually start each video file and skip the non-episode parts. Is there a video player that would allow me to define a playing schedule, specifically:

  • which files are played and in what order,
  • which parts of each file are skipped.

That would allow me to have a more seamless viewing experience. I could also share the schedule (which would ideally be a text file), so that others can benefit from it.


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Haven't found a solution like what you're looking for, but this vlc add-on designed to skip radio ads might be a good place to start. It may be easily editable to fit your needs (especially if you have experience with basic programming.) Good Luck!

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