In Windows 8, you can open this window by right-clicking on a wifi network and selecting "Status":

enter image description here

How do I see the same information (specifically speed) on Windows 10?

  • btw this speed is -- AFAIK -- only maximum specified speed, not true data stream speed. – aaaaaa May 5 '16 at 23:42
  • also, what is your real problem? You want to know what? – aaaaaa May 5 '16 at 23:42

Right click on the wireless icon in the systray and select "Open Network and Sharing Center".

enter image description here

Then when it opens select "Change Adapter Settings" on the left side.

enter image description here

Then right click on the wireless adapter you are using and select "Status"

enter image description here


It's still there.

[enter image description here]

enter image description here

I find the quickest way to get there is enter 'network connections' in the Cortana search box.

  1. Open network etc.
  2. Then WiFi on left.
  3. Then network sharing center.
  4. Then Wi-Fi in center.

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