I have a word document with 20 pages. I have it numbered Page 1 of 20 ending numbering on page 15. The last 5 pages are not numbered. I want them not numbered. My question is how do I end the numbering so it reads Page 1 of 15 not 1 of 20. I don't want the last 5 pages included in the counting.


At the end of page 15, insert a section break. Go to the page numbering in the first section, i.e. the footer (or header). Hit the keyboard shortcut Alt-F9 to show the codes. It should read something like

Page { Page } of { NUMPAGES }

Change that to

Page { Page } of { SECTIONPAGES }

and the second number will display the number of pages in the current section after you refresh the fields with F9 and toggle back field codes to normal display with Alt-F9.

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