I am trying to share a folder of bookmarks I use at work in firefox, so that this specific folder is available at home.

I am using Firefox Sync to synchronise among diferent instances of firefox in different computers and I am also using XMarks to share those bookmarks with Chrome.

This is the setup:

  • Work computer: Firefox with my.name@company.domain profile both in firefox sync and xamrks. Folder Work@company is to be shared.
  • Home computer: Firefox with my.name@gmail.com where the Work@company folder is meant to be shared

Xmarks only allows sharing of folders as webpages and Firefox Sync seems to be all or nothing from the options I have seen and tried.

Has anyone figured out a way to share a bookmark folder with another computer?

Note that I am ok with unidirectional sync (Work -> Home) but I would prefer for it to be bidirectional.

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