How do I monitor from this moment on what files get accessed / modified / created / deleted. (in live mode), similar to fseventer / fslogger?

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On unix system you can use inotify-tools, built on top of inotify kernel subsystem API.

By inotifywait you can have live mode monitoring on standard output:

inotifywait -m -r -e access -e modify -e create -e delete --format 'PATH:%w%f EVENTS:%,e' {{path_to_monitor}}


  • -m: monitor indefinitely
  • -r: recursive monitor
  • -e: specify file system events to be monitored
  • --format: specify the output of the command

Example (command performed on monitored directory followed by realtime inotifywait output):

$ cd {{path_to_monitor}}
$ touch test
$ rm test

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