I'm trying to have a RDP client on Windows Server 2012

But still no success, I don't understand why something that easy is so cumbersome on winserver 2012

I just need to install the feature to connect myself to another win server 2012 which is on aws

You know, that software that executes a little window where you put address and password then connect to remote host?

How can I achieve this on winserver 2012?

I've read somewhere that it isn't available on this microsft platform, I can't believe that...

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance!

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    It should be available by default, though? I’m not aware of any way to not have it (unless using Server Core). Simply execute mstsc. Also, you should perhaps provide your sources. “read somewhere” isn’t helping us tell if you perhaps misjudged the context or something. – Daniel B May 8 '16 at 20:12

You have a bunch of options :)

  • Win + R OR Win + X -> Run OR right-click on start button -> Run and then type mstsc
  • press the start button and then search for remote desktop

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