I've tried to install Arch Linux as a VirtualBox VM a couple of days ago. Everything worked like a charm - if there hadn't been that issue that I can't connect to anything when I set the VM to use a bridged adapter.

What I want to achieve

  • Guest can connect to local network
  • Guest can connect to the internet
  • Others on local network can connect to guest.

My Setup


  • Windows 10 Pro
  • VirtualBox 5.0.20
  • Intel WiFi NIC (connected to local network)
  • Latest updates installed
  • Virtual NIC set to bridged adapter and Paravirtualized (Virtio-net)


  • Arch Linux (up to date)
  • virtualbox-guest-utils installed
  • net-tools installed
  • x64 Machine
  • VBox-Addins do work (shared folders, etc... working!)
  • no GUI, just terminal

What am I missing out on? This can't be so hard, can it? Does it even work with WiFi? Or do I need to connect the host to the network via ethernet?

Please help me, I'm really, really lost here...


On 5.0.20, my Ubuntu guest is able to connect in bridged mode only when using an Ethernet connection -- i.e. not when using a wireless connection.

NAT mode is able to work with a wireless connection.

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