I received a zip file from a Mac OS user with several hundred of .jpg files, some with very long names. Opening the .zip file wit 7-zip on my Win 7 machine, lots of these files have very weird characters; I guess they were encoded like this in the zipping process. Here is a sample

Õìüþ½╣µûÄþ¼║Þ░▒ .jpg

Some files have more legible names like

Histoire dÔÇÖO.jpg

Wich should be Histoire d'O.jpg so I can guess that ÔÇÖ is a weird encoding for the single quote ' character, I can see this matching in many other files aswell.

Should I tell him to send them again in some other format? Is there a way to open these files on my machine with correct names?


Not really an answer but a sort of "work around".
Since the Host OS creating the zip file is a Mac I tried uploading this .zip on a Linux web server I manage, then I unpacked the zip, and the files were correctly named once extracted.
So I repacked the files in zip and downloaded on my machine, now all files have the correct names.

I'll just leave this here as a quick memorandum, I hope there are are other solutions more practical than this!

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