I have multiple JPEG Sequences


and i want to output them as output.mp4

One single shot works fine like that:

ffmpeg -i "/mydir/A/preview.%04d.jpg" output.mp4

And it works as well with a txt file containing the files.


file '/mydir/A/preview.%04d.jpg'
file '/mydir/B/preview.%04d.jpg'

ffmpeg -f concat -i mylist.txt output.mp4

But i would like to generate a command on the fly without outputting something extra on disc!

PS: i am linux


You can use the concat filter:

ffmpeg -i "/mydir/A/preview.%04d.jpg" -i "/mydir/B/preview.%04d.jpg" \
       -filter_complex [0][1]concat=n=2 output.mp4
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