I have to trim down our teams outlook files to meet the size reduction of the exchange server. We are moving to a new system that does not utilise .PST.

How can I extract/export all the emails we have in several PST files over the years to just .eml's in folder?

I also need to preserve existing folder structure in the PST.


  • Not sure what your first sentence has to do with your question. What are you trying to do? You need to migrate your Outlook e-mails in PST files another system? How many e-mails in total, how many users, and how many folders do you need to preserve structure for? What e-mail system will you be using and what is e-mail client you intend to use to interact with that email system? Initial thought is to use ThunderBird with several add-ons to 1) connect to Exchange Server (exQuilla) and ImportExportTools to save your e-mails as .eml to a folder. – Sun May 12 '16 at 21:02
  • Where do you want to export your emails from? If from PSTs, you have them already. – thims May 12 '16 at 22:53
  • The IT department says we will no longer have access to the PST files (for some ungodly reason) So essentially, I need to extract all the .eml/.msg from the PST files I currently have. – JonYork May 13 '16 at 12:05
  • @JonYork, I can recommend the commercial tool of my company that does the trick. It can export emails/items from PST files into EML or MSG files while preserving folder structure and even folder types (for importing them later if needed). – thims May 13 '16 at 18:08
  • what tool is that? – JonYork May 13 '16 at 18:30

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