Can someone help me change the admin user account profile in Windows 7 to one that is not a temporary profile.

Somehow the password in my regular user account is not working and in the admin account it doesn't even show that there even is a password.

I try to create one but to no avail. It all gets deleted when I log out of admin. And the admin doesn't seem to give me the access I need to change the password like I have been able to with regular account profile in the past.

I have looked up how change admin user profile, but don't understand what I would have to do in order to avoid loosing only access I currently have to my computer

  • Is this the problem you have ? – pun May 13 '16 at 1:27
  • Enable the built-in Administrator account, change the password to the current Administrator user profile that isn't working, then disable the built-in Administrator when you are done. – Ramhound May 13 '16 at 12:50

In your Admin profile open an Administrator Command Prompt by going to C:\Windows\System32, right click on cmd.exe and select Run As Administrator.

Now type net user Joeitall Password /add

This will add a user account called Joeitall with the password "Password" (you can change this to whatever you like)

Now type net localgroup administrators /add

This will add Joeitall to the administrator group.

Now restart your PC and sign in as Joeitall with your chosen password :)

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