I am working on Windows 10 and trying to install Hadoop

I downloaded it from here.

When trying to extract Hadoop for files (libhdfs.so and libhadoop.so) I am getting the error.

Cannot create symbolic link : Access is denied

enter image description here

How do I fix this?


How do I fix this?

I am getting the error: "Cannot create symbolic link : Access is denied"

You need to run 7-Zip File Manager in administrator mode.

Right-click the icon of 7-Zip File Manager, and then click "Run as administrator".


The accepted answer is not really correct, although possibly may work in some scenarios, is not the reason "why", and privilege doesn't really apply here.

The problem is going to arise in most scenarios when unpacking a .tar.gz or other similar non-Windows file-system format. The problem is due to the order in which the files are being unpacked. In Linux for example, "dangling sym-links" are permitted, therefore no error occurs, and everything works fine, but on Windows, that is not the case. It is unpacking and trying to create a symbolic link to a file that does not yet exists, which is not permitted.

Forcing it may unpack the files in some situations, or may unpack them but they will be of 0 size. Extracting multiple times MAY fix the issue in other situations, depending on how they were packed, or manual extraction in the correct order.

For 100% success, unpack them on a system that permits symbolic links to non-existent files (i.e. Linux, or the system the file was intended for.

This is not a "permission" issue, but an OS one. You are not going to see this error on files that were packaged on the file-system you are using, only on files intended for "foreign" operating system, like .tar.gz, .dmg, etc.

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