I have a file with a load of errors in it. I used grep to pull out all the JSONExcpetion Errors and save them in a new file like this:

sudo grep -Hrn "JSONException" 2016-* >> jsonexception.txt

Now I have a file with a lot of JSONExceptions in it. Some of those exceptions contain IDs. I'd like to pull out the ID's and save them to another file.

In my Java code, I use the following regex to identify the correct ID formatting in a String:


Can I use something similar with grep to pull IDs from jsonexception.txt and save them to another file?

A sample from the log:

2016-02/server-2016-02-11-3.log:17425:11/Feb/2016 12:08:35,519 [ERROR] [Thread-3] - WorkerRunnable: Worker 2: A JSONException occurred, on the string: {"DEVICE":[{" ID":"32584305d2ff32051d06dfff"},{"TimeStamp":1455185304,"Event":"Boot","BuildDate":"Feb 11 2016","BuildTime":"10:48:00","Reason":"Power on Reset","FSHigh":485,"FSLow":475 ,"VerMajor":0,"VerMinor":9,"VerRevision":2,"VerPatch":2,"MAC":"00:06:66:3a:26:5c","WlanVersion":"4.75","WlanModuleType":"RN131","BoardRev":"RevD1","DisinfectSeconds":0},{ "TimeStamp":1455185316,"Event":"CurrentSettings","IssuedTime":0,"FSHigh":535,"FSLow":425,"Duty":100,"Frequency":1000,"Current":80,"IdlePeriod":30,"StillOnPeriod":20,"Auto OnPeriod":43200,"AutoOnDuration":10,"MaxOnTime":14400,"FlowSensitivity":50,"LidSwitches":1,"UvFluxWarn":70,"UvFluxInsufficient":40,"Firm Server":"���^A.^B�^B.^P�^K�^G�^C�JF^M� �H�O�zp^HI����^C�^G�^C�^M�B�^N�^R��� ����O^B�pG�^D","FirmPort:1,"DeviceTypeName":"","WlanTimeZone":25,"LedRegArray":[{"Bo ardId":"A","LedNo":0,"RegState":"Regulate"},{"BoardId":"A","LedNo":1,"RegState":"Regulate"}]},{"TimeStamp":1455185316,"Event":"CurrentWlanSettings","SettingsArray":[{"WlanSettingsId":1},{"WlanSettingsId":2},{"WlanSettingsId":3}]},{"TimeStamp":145518531 5,"Event":"Connect","WlanSettingsId":1,"MAC":"00:06:66:3a:26:5c","IP":"","WLAN":"TEST1","RSSI":-52,"Version":"4.75","AP-MAC":"ac:9e:17:ea:0f:3c"},{"End ":100}]}^M

  • Can you show a line from the file you want to grep? – choroba May 13 '16 at 13:51
  • I've added a line above, the ID I want to grep is bolded, it's a 24 char hexadecimal string. – mal May 13 '16 at 14:02

If your grep supports -o, you can use the following:

grep -o '"ID":"[a-f0-9]\{24\}"' | cut -d\" -f4

The first part extracts only the "ID":"..." part, the second one selects the 4th column, using " as the separator, i.e. the id itself.

It's much safer to include the "ID": in the query, otherwise you can accidentally match a different part of the line.

  • Your solution didn't work for me when I used the OP's sample text. However grep -Eo "(ID\":\"[0-9a-zA-Z]*\")" did work for me. Might add it to yours as a possible added solution in-case the first fails. – Yokai Jan 12 '18 at 11:18

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