How do I get the IBM Host on Demand client to work with Internet Explorer 8?

Or do I have to get a newer version (and where) which is compatible with IE8?

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In 2009, IBM said that it's not compatible with IE8. I'm not sure if this has been fixed but this is what I found on their website:

Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 in WebSphere Host On-Demand Version 10

Technote (FAQ)


  • Does IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand Version 10 support using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8?


  • Currently Host On-Demand Version 10 does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. The development team is investigating the support for Internet Explorer 8 with Host On-Demand. During the download, the progress bar does not display and no download takes place. This has been tested with different levels of Java and the cached client will not install. The Download clients and Webstart clients are not affected and will load. Development is targeting fourth quarter of 2009 to have a resolution to this problem.

The WebSphere Host on Demand page from IBM website details more about the requirements.

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