In osx it is possible to un-pause a single process with the command:

kill -CONT 1234

Where 1234 is the process id.

Is there a way to un-pause every paused process on the machine?

Why: There is a undocumented feature (aka. bug) of osx where sometimes multiple applications are paused at the same time.

kill -CONT -1

should send the signal to all processes that you have permission to send signals to (with a few exceptions):

If the user has super-user privileges, the signal is sent to all processes excluding system processes (with P_SYSTEM flag set), process with ID 1 (usually init(8)), and the process sending the signal.  If the user is not the super user, the signal is sent to all processes with the same uid as the user excluding the process sending the signal.  No error is returned if any process could be signaled.
                                — from kill(2)

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