Suppose I have highlighted a region of text in a buffer. The region contains numbers separated by whitespace. E.g.

1 19 23 28 41

Is there some package with ready-made interactive commands that parse the numbers from this region and do common calculations like sum and average, similar to what spreadsheet programs show in their status bar? Something like:

  • M-x sum-region => 112 shown in minibuffer
  • M-x average-region => 22.4 shown in minibuffer

or a combined command to do different calculations at once, or a modeline display.

I suppose org-mode has spreadsheet functions like this, but can they be used easily if you're not already working with an org spreadsheet? Does calc have functions that operate on region?

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Found one pretty easy way using calc:

  1. Highlight the numbers in the source buffer
  2. M-x calc-grab-region (or C-x * g)
  3. M-x calc-vector-sum, M-x calc-vector-mean, M-x calc-vector-sdev, etc.

C-x * is a prefix sequence that invokes Calc in a number of ways; the letter that follows determines which one (e.g. g invokes calc-grab-region, r invokes calc-grab-rectangle).

Statistical functions can also be invoked by key sequences. For example:

  • u+: sum (calc-vector-sum)
  • uC: covariance (calc-vector-covariance)
  • uM: mean (calc-vector-mean)
  • uS: standard deviation (calc-vector-sdev)
  • vR+: sum ((calc-reduce '(2 calcFunc-add "+")))
  • vR*: product ((calc-reduce '(2 calcFunc-mul "*")))

These and other functions are covered in the Calc manual, particularly the section on Vector/Matrix Functions.


I would suggest an easy way to calculate the sum, by using Emacs Lisp,

(+ 1 19 23 28 41)

Then C-x C-e to evaluate, and the value will be there in the echo area.

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