I saw this suggestion posted here https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/19500/tool-to-read-data-from-google-chrome-snss-files/19501 but am not sure how to install it for OSX. I'm looking to pull links from the Last Tabs/Session files in Chrome's Default folder b/c Chrome failed to reload all the previous tabs when relaunching. It somehow loaded less than 1/5 of the tabs i had open previously, but with no errors or option to restore tabs (and renaming the last tabs/session files to current tabs/session didn't work - it just opened the same ones as before, and i did copy the files before closing the browser).

I assume the lines under 'Test' at the bottom of this wiki https://github.com/JRBANCEL/Chromagnon/wiki/Reverse-Engineering-SNSS-Format need to be entered in Terminal, but i don't know where to install the Chromagnon files (I also posted an instruction request on Github).

Also, if anyone has suggestions other than this please let me know. I saw this recommended in some older posts but it looks like it's no longer available or functional: https://github.com/lsauer/chrome-session-restore

I installed Session Buddy so this should do the trick if it happens again. If i can extract the tab links from my saved Tabs/Session files with Chromagnon that should be all i need for now.


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