Since iTunes is so dog-slow on Windows, I'm looking for a good alternative that manages podcasts well. Bonus for syncing play counts, ratings, etc.

Edit: I'm not looking for a podcast-only app, I'm looking for a music manager that does well with podcasts.


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MediaMonkey rocks. It can handle your music collection management, podcasts and it syncs with many different devices.


Well I really like the Zune software... It made me buy a Zune!


You might check out Songbird. Not only will it manage your local music, but it is very nice for finding music on the internet.


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Although MediaMonkey is great, please be aware that even the latest version of MediaMonkey no longer synchronizes with the iPhone under the 3.0 OS. It's read-only. It worked fine with the 2.x OS, and it still works fine with my older generation iPods.


I used http://juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/ for a while, I found it quite attractive and useful. Now I use itunes, because I'm lazy.

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