Good day all

When attempting to install Kali to my HDD, Kali ofcourse being on my USB drive: I ran into 2 problems.

Source of ISO : Kali Official Site v2016.1

//reason for point 2

1. From Kali boot menu, selecting graphical install, follows with/and proceeds to installation where I get the CD-ROM error.


2. Alternatively, I booted into the live session (top menu option), booted to desktop where I searched for "Install Kali". From videos and forums this is the application that should install Kali, unfortunately there was no "Install kali" application.

does this mean Kali is actually installed on my usb drive, thus implying no need for the "Install kali" application?

I used YUMI, my USB drive contains Ubuntu 16.04, Kali, Windows 10. YUMI allows os install from a single usb drive.

  • Why don't you try making a dedicated live USB to install Kali linux. – f3rn0s May 18 '16 at 23:20
  • Also kali rolling does not have a 'install kali' option, like kali 1.0 or kali sana – f3rn0s May 18 '16 at 23:48

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