I've installed ConEmu on a Windows 10 64bits machine. It worked fine for a few hours. But today, while trying to start a simple cmd.exe shell, I get two errors message.

  1. in a dialog box, it says that

    16 bits application is not supported. Impossible to start or execute the program "\??\C:\Users[MyUserName]\cmd.exe" because it is incompatible with 64 bits version of Windows. Please contact the software editor to … bla bla bla.

  2. In the ConEmu terminal, it displays the following :

    Can't create process, ErrCode=0x000000D8,

    Description: Cette version de %1 n’est pas compatible avec la version de Windows actuellement exécutée. Vérifiez dans les informations système de votre ordinateur, puis contactez l’éditeur de logiciel.

    Current directory: C:\Users[MyUserName]

    Command to be executed: "C:\Users[MyUserName]\cmd.exe" /k "C:\Program Files\ConEmu\ConEmu\CmdInit.cmd"

    Press Enter or Esc to close console, or wait...

What's Working:

  • cmd.exe is OK if started standalone (aka [Win]+[R])
  • Other shells, commands or apps inside ConEmu are doing just fine (PowerShell, PuTTy, CygWindows, notepad++, etc.).
  • I can also start cmd.exe just fine from other shells (Powershell and CygWindows) inside ConEmu.

I tried to remove it completely, cleaning the directory, including clink addon and xml settings files in %APPDATA%. Still the same issue.

I'm no Windows expert. Do you have any idea where that might come from ?

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    What is the hell cmd.exe in Users subfolder? Isn't it a virus? Cmd.exe is always located in system32! – Maximus May 20 '16 at 10:52
  • That's the point. I don't see any cmd.exe inside the user subfolder. Is there the equivalent of the which command in windows ? – Florent May 20 '16 at 12:02
  • where cmd is the equivalent of which cmd – DavidPostill May 20 '16 at 14:56
  • I just wipe clean my user directory and it works fine new. However, I can't explain it. Thanks for your help. What is the best way to close a topic / mark it as resolved ? – Florent May 25 '16 at 8:28

Reinstall ConEmu

  1. Remove registry (download Microsoft Fix it utility and clean up registry)
  2. Uninstall from control panel
  3. Then Install
  • Thanks @ihemant360 but as I mentionned in the question, I already did it (although I forgot to say that I also cleaned the registry. – Florent May 25 '16 at 8:26

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