I am having some issues with my Windows 10 installation. Currently I cannot shut down my computer without physically pressing and holding the power button on the front of my computer. If I click the start window button on the bottom left then click 'power' -> 'Shut down' nothing happens at all. The start pop-up disappears and my PC will not shut down. The same happens for 'restart'. Sleep seems to work fine.

Additionally, and not sure if this is a separate issue, when I right-click on the desktop and click refresh, all my icons disappear and do not return for about a full minute. This is concerning as I have a very powerful 4GHz 4790k Intel water cooled system with 32 gigs of memory and a 1TB PCI-E nvme hard drive which is normally ridiculously responsive, so I'm not sure whats going on here. Any advice?


Interestingly enough, this issue was caused by my SD card reader. The card reader came with my NZXT case and I never used it until recently. I left an SD card in the slot and never thought anything of it. Well in diagnosing this issue, I saw the "Safely remove hardware" icon in the bottom right. It said the issue was with my SD card reader, so I clicked remove and took out my SD card and now my PC both restarts AND the desktop refresh works perfectly.

Keep this in mind if you are having a similar issue. See if you have any hardware that is causing an issue. Maybe load up device manager and have a look.

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