I was running Windows 7 Home on an updated 27" iMac via bootcamp. Someone else installed it for me, so other than knowing how to reboot in either and using OSX or Windows, I don't anything about Bootcamp itself.

Everything was updated, backed up and working great. Then I decided to let Windows upgrade itself to Windows 10 Home for free. Everything went smooth. Except now I want to reboot in OSX and after searching for BootCampManager.exe. it does nothing.

Right-Clicking on the icon now in taskbar does not offer to reboot in OSX. How can I boot into OS X?

  • Did you check in task manager if bootcamp manager is enabled and running? – Frank Sixteen May 22 '16 at 5:00

The easiest way to boot into OS X is to do a full shutdown. After you have hit the power button to turn the computer on, hold down the Option key. Once you do this, you will be able to select your operating system there. I find this to be the best option.

It will look like so:

You can also reinstall the Boot Camp Support software on Windows, to regain that shortcut in the taskbar.

Remember that Boot Camp has no actual control over Windows - Boot Camp itself is just an assistant to make the process of installing and running Windows on an Apple computer easier.

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