My new Macbook Pro (13", i7, Early2015, OSX 10.11.4) is loosing its Internet connection every couple minutes. The WiFi itself stays logged in, but the internet connection is gone. After a short while it sometimes comes back. Usually I deactivate and activate the WiFi to make it work again. The problem occurs in every WiFi I log into.

I checked the Console and the following error is showing always when the Internet is gone:

send_datagram_available_ping: pid 468 failed to act on a ping it dequeued before timing out.

Screenshot 1: Console Screenshot

Screenshot 2: Error Details

I already tried to deactivate the "automatic brightness control" after finding a thread on the Apple dev forum. Did not help.

How can I need to fix this?


try going to system pref - network edit location from automatic just create a new location(+). name it "test" let's say

then click done then click apply in bottom right corner

try connect


After updating from 10.11.4 to 10.11.5 the problem disappeared!

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