Hello to the SuperUser's Community,

I have a question about the Synology Share's Recycle Bin.


  • SuperUser/Administrators/Public/RWX
  • User/Users/Public/RX

The SuperUser can modify (rename, move, etc...) The User can only (read folders, and execute files)

The share named " Public " have the recycle bin function active with the option " Restrict access to Administrators only " checked.

When I log on using User's account to that share for example : \srv1\Public in Windows 7 x64 via webDAV using netdrive.

And I delete the recycle bin folder which is named as " #RecycleBin ", it let me delete it.

To approve that i went back \\srv1\ then i returned to \\srv1\Public and the folder " #RecycleBin " wasn't here anymore.

I double checked it by using Web Station's File Explorer and it wasn't there too.

How's that possible ? I mean User doesn't have rights to do that ?!

My Synology Specs

  • DSM 6.0 u7
  • RX3615xs
  • 24 To
  • RAID 5
  • SHR Volume

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