I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E550 with Windows 8.1 here that shows the following weird behaviour since today:

There is a square/rectangle of about 8-10 cm in the center of the screen that doesn't react to mouse events.

This is independent of:

  • the pointer device I use:

    • 2x USB mouse
    • Touchpad
    • Trackpoint
  • the program I'm in. It happens in:

    • Firefox: I can't select text fields or buttons that are located in the center of the screen.
    • Control Panel: The background color doesn't change on hovering over items in the center of the screen. I can't select these items with a pointer device either. The items react to pointer events if I drag the whole window to some other place on the screen. Selecting with the keyboard works always.
    • Desktop: I can't drag shortcuts into the mentioned area. ( symbol appears at pointer)

It seems as if there is a completely transparent and hence invisible window sitting on a top z-position in the center of the screen that prevents mouse events reaching the windows behind it.

I tried the following so far:

  • I rebooted a few times.
  • I ran Windows Update including the latest optional updates which included hardware updates.
  • I checked the Event Logs but couldn't detect anything suspicious.
  • I performed a virus check that didn't find anything including:
    • boot sectors
    • root kits
    • entire drive

This is not my computer but the user told me that she didn't do anything remarkable since yesterday.


The culprit was the In Product Messaging Application (ipmgui.exe) of Avira AntiVirus.

I killed the respective process in the Task Manager and the behaviour disappeared.

UPDATE: Killing the process appeared to be just a temporary solution. It re-appeared soon after. I de-installed Avira and installed an other anti-virus SW.


Even if this is an older question there are still many users running Avira free antivirus and the ipmgui.exe-problem is really annoying.

I found it is a perfectly working solution to install Bill2´s Process Manager (https://www.bill2-software.com/processmanager/download-en.shtml) and there you can easily create a rule for ipmgui.exe to kill the process swiftly when it´s started. Additionally you can configure a tooltip to be shown in systray when this happens and also you can see statistics for e.g. process executions.

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