Once I used a command to have the router restart in * seconds (or minutes), but now I forgot the command.

How can I have the router restart in * amount of time, so if I make configuration changes that are not correct, they are undone after the auto restart?

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You can use a reload command, e.g.:

reload in 1:00 - restart the router in one hour.

reload in 10 - restart the router in 10 minutes

Or you can use reload at to restart at a specified time. E.g.:

reload at 13:00 - restart the router at 1:00 PM

reload at 9:00 May 25 - restart the router at 9:00 AM on May 25

You can use reload cancel to cancel a scheduled restart.


You can also use the archive feature and rollback changes: http://www.ciscozine.com/reload-in-x-why-dont-you-rollback-or-replace-the-configuration/

But relo in x is the easiest and fastest way to do it. It has saved me several times.

This is a much better way of controlling versions then just copying running config to Flash. You can have the router automatically back itself up.

R5(config)#archive ! you need to set the archive up first
R5(config-archive)#path ! you have to set the path where the files will go
R5(config-archive)#path ? ftp: Write archive on ftp: file system http: Write archive on http: file system https: Write archive on https: file system pram: Write archive on pram: file system rcp: Write archive on rcp: file system scp: Write archive on scp: file system tftp: Write archive on tftp: file system

R5(config-archive)#path tftp:// R5(config-archive)#time-period ? !the router can automatically back itself up <1-525600> Number of minutes to wait between archive creation

R5(config-archive)#time-period 10080! one a week

archive path tftp:// time-period 10080

archive config ! forced the archive. This should be done before anyone makes any changes to the router, especially clients that are far from us.
!! R5#c Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. R5(config)#host not-R5! made some changes not-R5(config)#^Z

not-R5#b tftp:// list time 10! restoring the old config, and list the changes
!!Timed Rollback: Backing up to tftp://

This will apply all necessary additions and deletions to replace the current running configuration with the contents of the specified configuration file, which is assumed to be a complete configuration, not a partial configuration. Enter Y if you are sure you want to proceed. ? [no]: y Loading R5-1 from (via FastEthernet0/1): ! [OK - 3135 bytes] !Pass 1

!List of Commands:! what it changed back
no hostname not-R5 hostname R5 end

Total number of passes: 1 Rollback Done

R5#! back to original config

R5#show archive config differences ! this will show you what is different in the running config vs. what is in the archived config. Answers the question “what has changed on the router”.
Contextual Config Diffs: -username remove-me password 0 askdjhfr80

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