I am debugging a program that needs admin access in a shop that normally uses avecto privilege guard for admin level access.

Starting visual studio with avecto does not seem to pass on the elevation to the program being debugged.

I was hoping that there was someway besides the context menu to start a program with avecto.

This SuperUser question seems to indicate you could use the command avecto as a prefix on the command line to run elevated. I had hoped to change the Debugging properties in VisualStudio to run the program that way.

changing 'Command' from $(TargetPath) to avecto $(TargetPath)

But alas, avecto doesn't seem to work that way on this system, not can I find an absolute path to something like avecto.bat or avecto.exe that might implement it. Nor could I find what the context menu was doing with regedit

Is there some new way of doing the avecto from the command line, or otherwise starting the program under debug somehow with avecto?

Avecto Privilege Guard - How to run from command line?

( EDIT: the local IT security people gave up and gave me local admin. Rare occurrence )

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  1. SHIFT + Right-Click on the VS Shortcut.
  2. Click “Run Elevated with DefendPoint”
  3. Provide your password when requested.

You should then see VS running with Admin rights.

  • I tried running VS with elevated privilege back then, but that elevation was not being inherited by the program being debugged. I did put that in the question, but thanks anyway @PaulLydon
    – infixed
    Aug 22, 2016 at 14:05

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