My issue is that I've been unable to have the terminal command sudo apt-get upgrade to not run on the proxy. I've tried unset {http,https,ftp}_proxy and unset {HTTP,HTTPS,FTP}_PROXY to no avail. I've also tried to set the proxy settings to none in the network settings, but it too, didn't work. Basically I would like to totally remove the proxy server from all of my settings. Sorry for being such a novice user.

In addition, the main reason why this problem is that I haven't been able to update my computer at all, or get new software from the command line. I would appreciate any and all answers that help resolve this.

If it helps, I'm running Linux Mint 13 Maya. In addition, from terminal, when executing those commands I get 0% [Connecting to www.hidemyass.com (proxyip)], yet the web browsers say that I'm not behind a proxy.


It depends how you configured your proxy in the first place.

You could check if you previously specified the proxy settings in an apt config file, using this:

grep 'https*::Proxy' /etc/apt/ -i -r

Alternatively, if your proxy settings were placed in /etc/sudoers then you can't disable them before running sudo. You should either run sudo visudo to remove the proxy config, or disable the settings temporarily like this:

sudo su -
unset {http,https,ftp}_proxy
apt-get upgrade
  • With the grep command, it listed settings within /etc/apt/apt.conf. Should I delete all lines with Acquire::{http,https,ftp}proxy? or should I just leave the " " 's blank? – Unnameduser May 28 '16 at 16:01
  • You could delete them. But I would just comment them out by putting // at the front of the line. – joeytwiddle May 28 '16 at 16:18

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