I'm wanting to mount the three ISO disks of the SLES11SP3 OS onto my system, as we have a minimal installation and we need to zypper install some additional packages.

zypper addrepo iso:/?iso=/path/to/iso1.iso disk1
zypper addrepo iso:/?iso=/path/to/iso2.iso disk2
zypper addrepo iso:/?iso=/path/to/iso3.iso disk3

However for the second disk, although I add it successfully, the zypper update disables the second disk because:

zypper update
File '/media.1/media' not found on medium 'iso:///?iso=/path/to/disk/SUSE11SP3_002.iso'

Now the disk is correct -> /media.2/media is the file that exists on the other disk, as it should by this post: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Sta...ia_description so given it's the second disk, the directory should be /media.2 as the numeral is the disk number. Here's another question on another forum also unanswered: https://forums.suse.com/archive/index.php/t-1507.html

I think I might need to indicate to zypper to "expect" the disk as #2 but no flag in the zypper man pages seem be useful.

thanks in advance.


Unfortunately SUSE Enterprise Linux is not too rigorously tested and this definitely escaped testing. What you will need to do is extract the ISO to a folder, and add the folder to the repo list (either with YaSt or zypper, using dir:///path/to/extracted_ISO) and rename media.2 to media.1.


Seems Disk3 was actually Disk1b -> a part of the first ISO adding them as disk1, disk3 then disk2 worked.

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