Nircmd is like a variable to windows already built-in cmd and comes along with great informative, most especially brief documentation.


  • change volume via integer-amount with only options to increase / decrease from the last set volume amount on the os-level.

  • same as the first command, but you're able to specify specific channels (left / right)

Well, for my purpose I'll be using the first one changesysvolume, the problem is... is that there is no way to set a specified volume amount. For my case, I want to be able to set my default volume device to 75/100


  • My System is Windows 10 x64 (Home Premium)
  • Preferably, I would prefer to use built-in methods via cmd parameters that's already within Windows 10.
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You want to set the volume to a specific level and not add/subtract from the existing volume level. Use a different parameter called setsysvolume.

NirCMD setsysvolume:

Set the volume to the highest value: nircmd.exe setsysvolume 65535

If you multiply 65535 with 0.75 you get 49151:

nircmd.exe setsysvolume 49151

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