When I press Ctrln in insert mode to insert the next matching word, my cursor jumps to the next blank line instead. This happens only to a .markdown file as far as I can tell.

I didn't map c-n to anything in my vimrc (which I could post here if that would help), nor do I have a markdown.vim in ftplugins. Meanwhile, Ctrlp works as expected. How can I go about troubleshooting this?


I suspect this is a buffer-local mapping set up by a system-wide ftplugin. You can check for buffer-local mappings, and show which script set them, by running this command while in the buffer in question:

:verbose imap <buffer>

You can also check what scripts have loaded, including filetype plugins, with this command:

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    Thank you. It's the sparkup plugin, which is supposed to affect only html files (residing in ftplugins/html even). That doesn't make sense at all. – bongbang May 29 '16 at 18:44
  • Some ftplugins explicitly load other ftplugins. – Heptite May 29 '16 at 18:57

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